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These vidoes will help you trouble shoot, clean and maitain your electronic cigarette. 

My Clearmizer or Battery is not working.  This video may fix your problem.

How to Refill your cartomizer. 

eGo-t wick replacment

How to fill an eGo-T and eGo-C tank


How to use the eGo Variable Voltage Battery

These brand new batteries have a three stage voltage system which means you can change the voltage to your liking going from 3.2v up to 4.2v for increased throat hit, flavour and vapour. They also come with an excellent LED five bar indicator showing you how much life you have left in the battery.

To change the voltages, turn the battery on by pressing the button five (5) times, then push the button three (3) times and the LED ring will change colour (see below)

Red -  3.2v

Purple  -  3.7v

Blue  -  4.2v

These batteries are compatible with all 510 and ego atomisers.