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Cloutank M4 2n1 Airflow Control Includes Dry Herb | Wax Coil Best Price M4

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Product Description

Best Price Cloutank M4 2 IN 1 

The Cloupor Cloutank M4 dry herb vape pen is an updated version of the popular Cloupor Cloutank M3. New features for the Cloutank M4 include larger heating coil, larger tank capacity to hold more dry herb, airflow control system, replaceable filter and overall improved design and build quality.  The is Cloupors newest dry herb vape pen design for use with dry herb (medical Marijuana) or with wax | Oil (THC concentrates).  Made of medical grade steel and Pyrex Glass.  The unique design allows for you to press down on the mouth piece to to rearrange the leaves without removing the tank.  This helps burn all the product in the tank.  The other nice feature is when you remove the tank and press down it cleans the tank for you. Two replacement heating element heads and instructions are included in the kit.  Extra replacement heads are available.  Very nice descreet design.  Works with any battery that has "510" or "ego threads" (most ecig batteries). The New Cloutank M4 2 IN 1 includes a new replacement head for wax and oil for the M4 making it the most universal system we offer.

Kit Includes

1x Cloutank M4

3x Replacement Heads (2x M4 Dry - 1x M4 Wax)

1x special cleaning tool 

Extra replacement heads for the Cloupor Cloutank M4 available here

Cloupor Cloutank M4 Filter Replacement

Cloupor Cloutank M4 Replacement Glass




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Product Reviews

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  1. Need more clearer instructions

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2017

    I am a first time vape user and the info given in box was not very user friendly, I did soon figure out how to use it. However I thought the hits would be more smoother, for the price I guess its average.

  2. 99.99% good 1 flaw

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2016

    The m4 was great for nly thing I did not like was if you use the little push thing too keep you herbs packed it will clog the filters fast so I recommend not pressing too hard when packing other than that it works grrrreeeeaaat

  3. Alright i guess

    Posted by Richard on 8th Mar 2016

    I purchased this about 2 weeks ago and when i recoeved it it came with two herb coils and both coils combusted the same day i had got them the coils did not last me more then a single day i enjoyed it just the coils busted so it leaves it unable to be used

  4. ClouTank M4 review

    Posted by Jamie on 20th Jan 2016

    The best part of the Cloutank M4 is how discrete the devise is. Its my go to piece for on the go!

  5. Best dry herb tank I've experienced

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2016

    Tank fits with the two different batteries I use, works well and has the largest storing capacity that I know of. I will continue to use these products until a better product comes around!

  6. Works great

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2016

    I really enjoy using this product. But the package did not include the Pyrex cylinder, so I have a little trouble regulating airflow.

  7. Way better then the G Pen

    Posted by CJ on 17th Oct 2015

    This will be my 2nd dry herb Vape pen. I bought the gpen a local smoke shop thinking that it would be amazing and the coils didn't last a day. This vape pen is awesome. The air control flow is amazing and it makes a huge difference. The self cleaning is great . It is more combustion than anything this wouldn't be a true vape but this is a great tank.

  8. One more reason to love tech. Smoking in the digital age.

    Posted by Shakeymclovinlolw/thc on 23rd Sep 2015

    Great way to smoke without producing smoke if you blow it out into a smokebuddy or a damp towel and cover the little hole with your finger. Use a little spray and only a drug sniffing K9 would smell it. Very stealthy design. Its not a vaporizer, I think you are getting some vape, gives awesome hits though. I get at least 5 good powerful lung filling pulls. IMPORTANT Use a grinder as much as we always just want to just stuff it in there use a grinder first it burns way smoother and don't press down to hard on mouth piece as this can ruin the coil. Also I did not know it at first but the coil with the white enamel around the coil is for the dry herb. I had been using the wax coil for the dry herb. It worked though. I like it. Gives a good potent hit with no smoke like a smokeless pipe. Convenient, stealthy design. I also stopped using that little screen. I couldn't figure out what it was for. I find it clogs faster. I clear it out every 3-4 uses. I have not really given it a good cleaning yet. I bought a second one. Both orders arrived prompt. I bought the 10 extra coils also. So basically you are replacing a lighter and a smokeless pipe with a better hitting cleaner stealthier coil igniting pen that looks like a ecig mod. So its a worthwhile option and the thing is I still as of now have no good idea how long the coils last. But I got to say I enjoy not having to use a lighter. The pull itself to me is like lighting a jay with a car lighter. But smoother because minus the paper and the added vape. It starts off cool and airy and then it quickly tightens as it lights up inside then I take my finger off the button and take pulls or I will fill my lungs up and cough. Nothing wasted. I feel when vape if I take one or two pulls and put it out that I am wasting it because it is already heated up and to heat it up again it then tastes nasty and the potency gets cooked away so I feel compelled to do more and do it fast or I am cooking it away, waste. I would rather just do this one or two pulls at a time at my own pace is better. Being that it is cut off from oxygen it will go out faster. Definitely a better head and cleaner taste than the old pipe, not as healthy as vaping but for me much less tedious. I look forward to seeing what the designers come up with next. Make dual attachments for my playstation controller. Pack and Play baby yeah. I should get a percentage on that one. Am I a GEEEENUIS or am I just so overly happy to have a Cloupor M4 Cloutank. IDK but I do know I just got the muchies real bad got to go. Thanks Cuecigs good price, prompt delivery, great product. You should tell people about this thing so they know.

Showing reviews 1-8 of 19 | Next

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